One of the services that we provide is to offer sound for your events. We can do anything from music gigs, to meetings, to local organizations putting on a small event, to local venues and clubs. We have over 15 years of experience in live sound. We provide all of the equipment needed for your event. Such as microphones(wired and wireless), speakers, cables, DI Boxes(direct in box). Making you sound good is our number one priority next to customer service. We work regularly with the Holiday Courtyard, Findlay Toyota, Prescott Dog Magazine, etc. 

We also have the ability to record your speeches or do a full multitrack recording of your band's set at a live show which can be fully edited, mixed, and mastered. 

How to book with us:

  • Get in touch with us to go over your event(click on the button below)
  • Go over the gear needed for your event(if we don't have the gear, we may need to rent it)
  • Review the total cost and your budget to work out pricing.
  • Sign a contract(provided either by us, or you/your organization)

Hire an experienced live sound engineer for your next event!