Studio Membership

Our membership program is designed with the song writer and/or solo musician in mind. We now offer a monthly membership program to those who want to record in the studio more often at a discounted rate. You can also use this time for editing, mixing, mastering, or production or a combination of all of those. Payments will come out once an month and you just book your studio time.


Basic Member

Hours can used for recording, mixing, and mastering. You can also use the time if you need help with production and writing for your music. 

  • 3 Hours/Month
  • $40/hr for Extra Time
  • $99/Month

Premium Member

More hours and an even more discounted hourly rate for extra studio time.

  • 9 Hours/Month
  • $35/hr for Extra Time
  • $225/Month

Pro Member

You get the best discounted studio rate along with a single released through CD Baby once every three months with a cover designed by us. 

  • 18 Hours/Month
  • $30/hr for Extra Time
  • $450/Month
  • 1 Digital Release through CD Baby every 3 Months
  • Album Cover Every 3 Months