Sky City Audio is now offering mobile recording services. We can come to you to record in your practice space, home, show, or if you have a spot that you love that you want to record in, we will be there. We do a full multitrack recording at the place you choose, then we take the tracks back to the studio to mix and master. You can piece out the instruments individually, or we can record all at once. What you get is a radio quality recording right from where you play.

How It works:

  • Book your dates according to your time and budget. If you have specific types of gear you'd like to use, let us know and we will work very hard to acquire it during the recording.
  • Choose a location. It can be a practice space, warehouse, garage, house, church, stage, conference room, theater, etc. If it's a place that charges rent, we can help coordinate times and prices.
  • During the booking process, we send you estimates and require payment at least 3 business days before we start. A booking fee of 50% is required which will be deducted from the total price. That helps us if you have to cancel or don't show up. (booking fee is non-refundable)
  • Setup to record. We come about an hour before the start time to set up. Then we track!
  • Once we are done recording, we take it back to the studio to mix your tracks.You will receive your recordings in your email and they will all be in a .wav format.

That's it! Super simple, and we can record in special rooms that sound awesome! Click below to get started.