One of the great things about working with us is our process of mixing your music. We have spent countless hours perfecting our skills to ensure a quality mix. You don't even need to be in Prescott to be able to let us mix your tracks for you, we work with people all around the world who send us their tracks. That's the great thing about technology today!

Here's How It Works:

  • Book a session- since we have ongoing projects, you still need to book studio time with us to get this done. We will also talk about your timeline and work very hard to meet your needs and meet your deadline
  • Label Your Tracks - This helps us save time by letting us know the names of the tracks
  • Include Session Notes- We want to make sure that any special requests are met.
  • Tracks should start and end at the same time- This also saves us a ton of time, if we're spending time trying to figure out how to piece your music together, that's taking us away from actually mixing your tracks.
  • Tell us tempos- This is especially helpful for editing purposes and time based effects.
  • Include at what bit rate/depth the music was recorded at- Ex- 44.1khz 24 Bits
  • We prefer to have tracks in a .wav file. We will accept mp3's, but know that mp3's aren't high quality files like .wav's are.
  • Upload tracks after booking a session(button down below)
  • Make your payment- We will send you an invoice before the session, you must pay in full before we can begin.
  • Once it's done, you'll receive the tracks in your email. We allow for 1 revision.

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