Wedding DJ Packages

Sky City Audio has packages to choose from to make planning simple, meet the needs of your wedding, and keep within your budget. You can also add our premium services to any of our packages to create an epic experience. Setup and teardown of all of the equipment is included in each package. Scroll down for more info!

Ceremony and Reception Packages

These packages include the ceremony, and reception(with cocktail hour and dinner) from start to finish.



Bronze Package

This package is great for small weddings(under 50 guests)and for wedding couples that are on a budget. The package includes:

  1. 1 Small Speaker System (2 speakers)

  2. 2 Wireless Microphones (officiant and toasts)

  3. Access to Online Planning System

  4. Skilled DJ/MCEE and Timeline Coordination (day of)

  5. Your Choice of Pre-made Playlist Styles (all eras and styles for guests arrival, cocktail hour, and dinner. You can still customize your songs for activities through our online portal.)

*not available at the Grand Highland Hotel/Holiday Courtyard, contact us for pricing at that venue.



Silver Package (most popular)

This package is our most popular package and is great for weddings that are 50 or more people with a little extras. Here’s what’s included:

  1. 1 Speaker System (2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer)

  2. 2 Wireless Microphones (officiant and toasts)

  3. Access to Online Planning System

  4. Skilled DJ/MCEE and Timeline Coordination (day of)

  5. Small Dance Floor Lighting

  6. Custom Playlists (Guest Arrival, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, etc)



Gold package

This is our package to create an epic experience for you and your wedding guests with lighting, special effects, and audio recording of your ceremony and toasts! This package is great for weddings where you have your ceremony and reception in 2 locations and need a little extra setup to cover those. It’s also great for larger guest sizes. Here’s what’s included.

  1. 1 Ceremony Speaker System (2 15” speakers, wireless mics, and music)

  2. 1 Reception Speaker System (2 Speakers, 1-2 Subwoofers)

  3. Wireless Mics for Ceremony (officiant, announcements)

  4. Wireless Mics for Reception (toasts, announcements, etc.)

  5. Access to Online Planning System.

  6. Skilled DJ/MCEE and Timeline Coordination (day of)

  7. Dance Floor Lighting and Haze/Fog (Lighting Included, Haze/Fog is optional - Price doesn’t change if you choose not to include Haze/Fog)

  8. Custom Playlist

  9. 8 Uplights (Great for Decoration and for Dance Floor Effects)

  10. Recording of Ceremony and Toasts



platinum package(TBA)

We are in the works of creating something truly epic. Check back on November 5th, 2018 to see what we roll out.

Reception-Only Packages are Available

Are you looking for reception-only packages? We have those available too! Get in touch with us to find out pricing and to go over the details of your wedding. Scroll down below!

Premium Services

Interested in starting with a basic package and then building your own custom wedding? Here are some great premium services that can be added to your wedding.

  1. Additional Speaker System - $150

  2. Fog/Haze Machine - $50

  3. Bubble Machine - $50

  4. Extra Mics - $25 if more than 2 are needed

  5. Custom Playlist(for Bronze Package Only) - $100

  6. Dance Floor on a Cloud(effects done with dry ice) - $500

  7. Recording of Ceremony and Toasts - $150

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