Top Winter Wedding Trends 2018


If you’re having a wedding at the end of the year, you’re not alone. Many couples opt for a winter wedding as a way to save money, get unique picture opportunities, and put their own spin on their ceremony.

However, because winter weddings don’t occur as often as weddings in the spring and summer, they have their own unique set of trends.

Will you be trying any of these 2018 winter wedding trends?

1. Candles Galore

Given that flowers can be difficult to find out of season, many couples opt for decorating with candles. The warm, flickering glow gives a chilly wedding a beautiful, rustic ambience. Winter-appropriate candles include long white tapers, green pine-scented jar candles decorated with tulle, and frosty blue-silver column candles. Of course, depending on your wedding’s color scheme, you can mix and match. For an extra personalized touch, you can order candles with your initials in them from Etsy.

2. Cool is the Night

Speaking of color schemes, The Knot reports that cool, luxurious colors are in for the winter. Pine greens, wintry blues, wine and burgundy are making an appearance in many weddings this winter. You can incorporate these colors in your selection of wedding favors, bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, flower arrangements, and more for a wedding that looks festive, but isn’t overly Christmas-y.

3. Sweet, Natural Faces

The royal wedding always has a huge effect on weddings taking place that year (for better or worse). In our opinion, this one is for better. Thanks to Meghan Markle’s clean, natural-looking makeup, many brides are skipping intense Instagram-inspired makeup trends and showcasing their natural beauty. To hop on this trend, walk down the aisle with dewy cheeks, light blush, moisturized skin, and natural eyebrows.

4. Holiday Instrumentals

Your friendly wedding DJ can help you out with this one. You can avoid tying your wedding directly to the holidays by skipping out on the vocals to songs like “Jingle Bells.” However, if you’re getting married near Christmas, you can still tie the happiness of the holidays subtly into your wedding with classy, laidback instrumentals of your favorite carols. Want the inside scoop? Reach out to Sky City Audio for help selecting the perfect tracks.

5. Warm Bars

Not into alcohol? Give you and your guests a chance to warm up with a hot chocolate bar. Talk to your caterer about offering a wide variety of fine hot chocolates (from dark chocolate to Mexican spice), as well as plenty of toppings like chocolate shaving and marshmallows. Depending on your venue, your guests will be grateful for the chance to hold and drink something warm.

6. Drip Cakes

The wedding cake you’ll be seeing everywhere late 2018 and early 2019. Drip cakes feature luxurious icing that “drips” off of each tier. Often done in sparkling silver and gold, they’re an updated take on the classic tiered wedding cake, providing a picture-worthy cake that tastes as delicious as it looks.

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