How to Make Your Wedding a Crowd-Pleaser


Your wedding usually represents the culmination of a loving relationship. But if you’re afraid of becoming a Bridezilla, have heard one too many wedding horror stories, or hate fancy weddings yourself, you may be wondering, “What can I do to make sure everyone coming to my wedding has a good time?”

It’s important to understand that you can’t control everything. Nor should you be responsible for making sure everyone on your guest list has the time of their lives at your wedding.

However, there are a few ways to turn your wedding from a ceremony into a fun, memorable event. If you’re less interested in the show and more interested in having a warm, affectionate get-together, look no further than these tips.

Trim the Guest List

The easiest way to ensure more people have a better time is to keep the guest list small and intimate. This is a controversial decision, but at the same time, a smaller guest list ensures there are fewer people to keep happy, helps you save money, and allows you to connect with each of the guests on a personal level. In fact, if you’re curious, the movie Table 19  warmly demonstrates the pitfalls of a long guest list.

Ease Up on Your Registry

A wedding registry is a good way to ensure that you get the gifts you want. At the same time, make sure there’s something available for others to purchase at every price point. Depending on your social circle, asking for expensive gifts — or setting a high minimum cost for gifts — can make people mad (even if they’ll never bring it up to your face). If you want to take the high road and ensure no one gets upset, ask that people make donations in the name of your favorite charity.

Roll with the Punches

It’s impossible to have a wedding go perfectly according to plan. Avoid meltdowns by understanding that your event is still going to be fun, wonderful, and full of love even if the florist brings gold flowers in place of saffron. Your guests will be happy that you’re not dragging everyone down by drowning in minutiae.

Offer Plenty of Food…

Talk with your caterer about offering the most popular dishes as well as snacks. Your guests will appreciate the food — it’s hard to be upset when there’s free food at hand, right?

…And Drinks.

If you’re having a summer wedding or a wedding in hot weather, make sure that there’s plenty of ice cold water on hand. Winter weddings will benefit from a hot chocolate bar.

And it can be tempting to serve only alcohol. But to make sure everyone has the best experience possible, try having alternative drinks available. Mocktails, juices, and sodas help non-drinkers feel more welcome — and help raise the odds of everyone getting home safely.

Play Music They Know

Make your wedding a smash hit by playing your crowd’s favorites. Have your DJ from Sky City Audio collaborate on a set list that’s sure to get everyone on the floor and moving — while also fitting the theme of your wedding. Don’t let your special day go by without the professional sound it deserves.

Justin AmesComment