5 Reasons to Choose a DJ over a Band for your Wedding


If you’re not a professional event planner, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed while planning your wedding.

It seems that every single component of a wedding involves choices. After choosing what kind of paper to put your invitations on, the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses (wine or magenta?), and catering (beef or chicken?), your brain might be feeling fried.

We don’t want to make things more complicated…but we do want to submit, for your consideration, reasons you might want to hire a DJ instead of a band for your wedding.

The virtues of both have been endlessly debated in plenty of bridal magazines. You might even be debating it with your partner or with yourself. But if you’re finding yourself leaning closer and closer to choosing a DJ, here are a few good reasons to take the plunge.

Get weather-independent sound.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you should know that weather affects the way instruments sound. A particularly humid, chilly, or hot wedding event might leave your favorite songs a little…flat. While good musicians know how to account for these differences, it doesn’t even have to be a question in your mind when you hire a professional DJ.

The songs you know, the way you know them.

Sure, the band can put a sassy, jazzy accent on your favorite song — but if you don’t recognize it, what’s the point? A DJ will play songs the same way you’ve heard them online or on the radio, so there’s no guessing whether it’s “Under Pressure” or “Ice Ice Baby” (once the chorus drops, anyway!)

Musicians are human.

Everyone can make mistakes, but if your trumpeter has a bad night, it can leave your wedding a little lacking. Don’t let the brass band “blow” it for you. A professional DJ comes entirely prepared and has far fewer moving parts than an entire band.

Consider the cost…and the set-up.

Depending on your wedding budget, you might not want to blow all of your money on a swinging band. You can trim that area with a DJ, freeing cash up for other things that are more important to you — you might not even have to rent your venues for as long!

You’ll get more variety.

No matter how good a band you hire, they often have a repertoire or set-list that you can’t edit much. What does that mean? Well, your wedding might end up sounding like everyone else’s. If you don’t want to be washed away in a sea of “Brown Eyed Girls,” selecting your own list via a professional DJ is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

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Justin AmesComment