How to Choose Music For Your Wedding


For many people, their wedding is the one day of their life where everything has to go perfectly. It’s a celebration that brings friends and families together, and it makes sense that you want your wedding to reflect the beauty of your relationship.

So, it makes sense that your wedding has to have the perfect soundtrack. Right? Whether it’s the Florence + the Machine song you heard that made you fall in love, the jazz that played on your first road trip together, or a Damn Yankees song that makes you starry-eyed for your partner, music has likely woven its way into your relationship.

However, because you have high expectations for your special day, choosing a playlist can create a lot of stress and friction. It’s hard to choose a soundtrack that reflects every single moment.

If you’re beginning to think about what songs to include at your wedding, here are our tips for making smoother, easier choices — and minimizing stress along the way.

1) Start Early

Like the rest of your wedding, you’ll want to start thinking about your playlist far in advance. How far in advance is up to you. Some couples cite starting 12-14 months out, while others think 4-5 months out is plenty of time. Ultimately, the decision comes down to how easygoing you are when it comes to planning.

2) Hop on YouTube

Chances are if you like one song or listen to it a lot, others that you like — but might not remember — will pop up as recommended links. That way you can have a better variety to choose from.

3) Make a Huge List

Before you begin pruning, or even assigning songs to specific parts of your wedding (like first dance, cocktail hour, and so on), start by make a huge list of songs that you like, even if they might not seem appropriate for a wedding at first. Make sure your significant other gets in on the action. It’s important not to reject their suggestions immediately, too. If all goes well, picking a soundtrack can be a fun, romantic activity to do together.

4) Let the DJ Have Some Input

Are you totally lost? Not a huge music fan? The DJ you hire for your wedding is a professional and has likely played tons of events — they have a wide variety of romantic songs fit for a dance, party, and more. Feel free to reach out to them for recommendations. Chances are they love giving couples the inside scoop of the best songs.

5) “Do Not Play” is an Option

Have songs you just can’t stand? Make sure to let your DJ know beforehand. It is totally fine not to have songs play at your wedding — after all, it’s the last time you should have to confront bad memories.

6) Remember…

…No one cares as much about your wedding playlist as you do! If you feel like it just isn’t right, chances are high that your guests won’t notice, remark, or think about it. Go with your gut, your fiancée’s recommendations, or even solicit song requests from friends and family who will be attending.

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