3 Tips to Make Your Wedding More Fun & Memorable

If you're reading this, you're probably planning a wedding and trying to figure out how to make sure you and your guests are having an awesome time. Here are three tips to make your wedding more fun and memorable.

Use Hashtags


Your guests can snap pictures during the whole wedding and can upload them using the hashtag on social media. It's fun to look at the pictures later on from friends and family. 

Music Requests for DJ


When we get hired to be a DJ for weddings, we always announce that we can take requests. That's a big secret of keeping people on the dance floor. If they put in a song requests, we'll make sure that it's played! 

Final Send Off


A very memorable way to end the night is to have your guests line up with sparklers, bubbles, or confetti for one last photo and send off. 

In conclusion, these are some great new trends of 2018 and very great ways to make your wedding more fun. 

Justin AmesComment