4 Reasons to Hire a Sound Company for your Wedding Band


Having an amazing wedding band can really make your day extra special. They bring on their style of music while also being able to fulfill song requests. There is something special about having a band and a live show. With that being said, if they sound horrible, it can truly ruin your wedding. In this short article, I'm going to share 4 reasons why you need to hire a sound tech/sound company to partner with your band. 

1. Musicians Can't Also Be Your Sound Tech

While there are musicians who are sound techs, they can't be both at the same time. It's because the sound tech will be able to listen to the band from the point of view of your guests. If band members are also running the sound board, you run the risk of it being too loud, not hearing the vocals, drums are too loud, you can't hear the bass, the violin sounds tinny, the keyboard is muffled in the speakers, etc. Having someone be able to make these adjustments will be like night and day to their sound and your guests will thank you for it. Plus, the sound tech can also handle the band being able to hear themselves on stage. Set up time will be way less since the band won't have to set up their own gear along with trying to set up the sound equipment too.

2. A Tech Can Properly Set Up Sound Equipment

If you have musicians also setting up the sound equipment, they may miss things like bringing wireless mics for your officiant or a wireless handheld for speeches and toasts. Let me band be in charge of their own gear and let the sound tech be in charge of the sound. Sound guys are great to have too in case something goes wrong while the band is playing. If something goes wrong, most likely the band will have to stop playing to try and troubleshoot. A tech is properly trained to recognize what the problem is and will quickly be able to fix it. 

3. Staging

Sound techs work very hard to make sure that the stage looks clean, that means cables are nice and neat and organized. Techs will also coordinate with the band on where everything will be set up including if the ceremony will be on stage. Clean stages will help the photographers take clean pictures. Clean stages also help if there are problems. If the cables are a jumbled mess, then it takes longer to pinpoint where the issue may be. 

4. Lights

The other great thing about hiring a sound company is that they usually have proper stage lighting. The band is going to need to have special lights for the guests to see them. Lighting can also include fog machine and other types of special effects which can make the vibe of your wedding become even more amazing. 


If you have hired a wedding band, don't just assume that they have knowledge on making themselves sound good. It's all about the guest experience. If they are too loud, your guests are going to complain and not have fun. Sound guys will make sure all the levels are at a comfortable level of your guests. 

Justin AmesComment