5 Steps DJs Make to Help Create An Epic Wedding


There are some trends that have been a staple in making weddings epic that have been around for a long time and new trends that are coming up in 2018. I'd like to share some of thing things we have used in 2018 for weddings. 

1. Sound System

Sky City Audio features QSC Speakers at our events.

Sky City Audio features QSC Speakers at our events.

Of course, we know that this is obvious! After all, we are in the sound business. But, looking at it from a guest and listener point of view, if your DJ brings crappy equipment, they could struggle with your music sounding distorted, not loud enough, loud(in a bad way), and look bad. A professional DJ will bring top notch equipment(main speakers, subwoofers, etc.). This is KEY to an epic party. There is much more than just making sure the music sounds good. Your guests need to hear the announcements, the toasts, etc. If your guests can't hear, then how do you expect direct them to the right spot(for things like cocktail hour and dinner)? 

The sound quality is essential in creating the vibe you've always wanted! It all comes down to crystal clear music, nice thump from the subwoofers, and at a loud(but comfortable) volume. A professional will take care of their equipment, carefully plan out where to place speakers(sometimes multiple speakers throughout the venue), what size to bring, etc. 

2. Bubble Machine


Seriously! We have had lots of requests to add a bubble machine. It's very popular to have it for the processional when the wedding party walks down the isle after the ceremony leading into the cocktail hour. If you live in Arizona, we have fire restrictions around May/June, so to have a sparkler kind of exit just doesn't happen. You can have a bubble exit after everything is said and done and still adds a very fun effect. 

3. Lights

Most DJs are equipped to have dance floor lighting. That's pretty standard and for us, we include that in our packages. But, we are getting more and more requests for uplighting and monograms from a projector. You can have the ability to have your names and a design put on a wall, ceiling, floor, etc through a projector. Uplighting also brings together the whole decor. You can pretty much choose any color combination and that will add elegance to your reception hall(or outdoors). 

The other cool thing about uplighting is that once you open up your dance floor, the uplighting can also have cool effects to go with the music(if done right). 

4. Fog/Smoke Machine


If you're going to have dance floor lighting, you'll definitely want to consider adding fog/smoke. The fog/smoke with with the lights to add a really cool effect. You can see the beam of lights through the smoke and when it hits the dance floor along with your favorite dance tune, you'll surely be pumped up. It almost adds a "club" effect. 

5. Dance Floor

There have been many times where we have DJ'd events where there are no dance floors and while you can designate a "dancing area", there's nothing like having an actual dance floor. If the venue you are going through doesn't have a dance floor, I would highly recommend having one. Especially for outdoor weddings where things(like clothing)get dirty very easily. There is something about having a dance floor that makes people really want to go in and dance. 

Want Proof?

Check out this video below from one of our events. 

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