6 Ways to Know your Wedding DJ is Legitimate

Even though online booking and searching has made life a lot easier, it can be difficult to trust a professional that you’ve found on the internet. That’s why we’re listing six ways to tell if your wedding DJ is the real deal…and not some guy who bought secondhand gear on eBay trying to make a quick buck.

Let’s take a look.

1) Website

Having an online presence is now considered the bare minimum for any kind of business or contractor. If your DJ doesn’t have a website, they might not care about their business, take their job seriously, or have been doing gigs for very long. Or, they simply might be behind the times. Assuming your DJ does have a website, high-quality photos, video, recommendations, and other rich media are big plusses that show your DJ cares about what they do.

2) Package Lists

Are your DJ’s wedding package and lists clearly displayed on the website? The last thing you want is to get nickel and dimed for lighting, gear, and other miscellaneous “fees.” While packages aren’t always all-inclusive, a legitimate DJ will be very upfront with you. They’ll frankly discuss prices, explain packages, and make sure there aren’t any huge surprises later on.

3) Consultation

If a wedding DJ is serious about their work, they’ll agree to speak with you in-person or on the phone if you want to. During your consultation, they’ll also help you get an idea of what to expect on your big day. They may also be willing to offer guidance on wedding playlists, processionals, recessionals, and more. A good wedding DJ loves what they do and is willing to help you build the perfect song list for your big day if you get stuck.

4) Price

“You get what you pay for” is never truer than it is for wedding DJs. Or, as DJs say, “A cheap DJ is cheap for a reason.” While you might initially balk at the expense of a good DJ, realize that you’re paying for much more than someone to stand in your venue and press a button. You’re also paying for high-quality equipment, the expertise to set it up perfectly, the knowledge and experience that comes with playing for weddings, and more. Your wedding deserves top-tier service, and charging more allows your DJ to meet that demand.

5) Fully Insured

What does it mean when a DJ is “fully insured”? It means that, along with their equipment having protection in the event of theft or damage, the DJ is protected in case an accident happens as a result of their lighting or fog machines. While the odds of something bad happening are minimal with a real professional, a fully insured DJ shows that they’re serious and can give you peace of mind.

6) Experience

Of course, a DJ can’t invite you to someone else’s wedding to watch them work. (Awkward!) However, feel free to ask your DJ if they have any recorded footage of their events, what kind of wedding experience they have, or if they have any reviews. A serious DJ will be upfront about their experience and qualifications.

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