Wedding DJ Services

You've worked hard on planning your wedding and having a skilled DJ is essential to a successful and stress free day. When you choose us, we will make your guests, your style of music, your theme, and most importantly YOU our number one priority. The sound at your wedding will sound fantastic, the lights will create a vibe that you'll never forget, and we'll also play your favorite tune. We'll take the time to meet with you to create a timeline along with a playlist. 

What You Get:


Your Amazing DJ

Justin Ames - Owner of Sky City Audio

Justin Ames - Owner of Sky City Audio

Having a fun and interactive DJ is essential to your big day. It's important to make sure that not only you have a good time, but also your guests. 

Up To 2 Sound Systems

Ceremony/Reception in 2 Areas

Ceremony/Reception in 2 Areas

A lot of weddings now have the ceremony and reception in two areas. We specialize in deploying multiple systems for the right speaker coverage based on your event size. Having two systems will make transitioning from Ceremony to Reception much more smooth and will cut down on silent times since we won't need to tear down and re-set up. Are you planning on having musicians play too? Yeah, we can cover that too, click here for more information on that. 


Online Planning Done Here

Our Online Planning Portal

Our Online Planning Portal

Our convenient and user friendly online planning system will make choosing music and forming your timeline a breeze.  Once booked with us, you will get your very own login and you can start planning right away. It even has suggestions and sound clips of songs to pick for your activities. Watch the tutorial here

Huge Music Library


Do you have a song in mind? We can get it. We have a huge music library in many different genres to ensure that we will play only the music you like. Got a song you'd like to hear at your event? No problem! Just let one of our DJs know and we'll get your requests ready. 

Epic Lighting/Effects


Creating an epic vibe for your dance floor is essential in keeping your guests dancing. The combination between great music, lighting, fog, etc is key to an epic reception. Here is what we've got:

  • Uplighting

  • Dance Floor Lighting

  • Fog and Haze Machines

  • Bubble Machines

  • Monogram Projectors

Recording Ceremony/Toasts


Our DJs are also skilled audio engineers with countless hours of training and experience. You can have your ceremony and your toasts put into an MP3. Imagine listening to this on your 1st anniversary! 

Check out this video!